How to activate windows 11 with a key

Almost all computer devices purchased with the factory preinstalled activate windows 11 operating system have the key of the same OS version sewn into it. For example, if you bought an Asus laptop with Windows, then in the future, when you reinstall the system of the same version of Windows 11 or restore to factory settings, the key will be picked up automatically, for activation you only need to connect to the Internet via wi-fi or cable, from your no manipulation is required on the side.

activate windows 11

However, if the laptop was purchased from China, for example, through Aliexpress, then before reinstalling the system, you need to link a Microsoft account to your activated OS and only then roll Windows. Upon completion of the installation of the new OS, with the Internet connected, enter the Microsoft credentials, the key will automatically bind to Windows and activate.

If you have a sticker with a Windows 7 license key on the back of your laptop, you can enter it to activate Windows 11. However, you need to understand that the key is suitable only for the same version of the package. That is, the Windows 7 key “Home Basic” and “Home Extended” are suitable for the “Home” 10; “Professional” for “PRO” and so on. And, perhaps, the last way is to use an officially purchased license. To do this, you must enter the key in the activation window and confirm further actions.


How to activate windows 11 free forever

Many users who do not have a license for the operating system are concerned about the question – how to remove the inscription “Windows 11 product key” forever? This notification appears in cases where the temporary license has expired or the system has been activated by a KMS activator. The further description is only an instruction for expanding knowledge, and not a recommendation. You can find all the activators described in the article on the Internet by entering the name into the search engine. The last described method is the standard and 100% copes with the task.


Activation via KMSAuto Net

You can reactivate the KMSAuto Net program, but the problem is that after six months the problem will pop up again, you will need to repeat the procedure. I have already shown how to use KMSAuto Net in the article on activating Windows 7 , the procedure is absolutely identical. This activator has a function – a scheduled task, it allows you to automatically change the activation code every 30 days in the background without your actions. However, due to the fact that many antiviruses see KMS activators as a virus, at the time of the scheduled task launch, this activator enters the antivirus protection quarantine. To prevent this from happening, KMSAuto Net must be added to the trusted ones or the antivirus protection must be disabled, how to disable DefenderI already wrote in one of my articles. This recommendation also applies to the methods described below.


Activation via activator AAct

The meaning of activation is the same as with KMSAuto Net, only the interface is different. Looking ahead, I note that the AAct activator program has two bit versions – x86 and x64, you must select the appropriate one for your system. Now let’s describe all the actions in the illustrations. After launching the program in the left column, click Windows Activation , wait until it finishes, perhaps the system will prompt you to install the GVLK key, we agree. Once completed, you can check the status of the license by selecting Windows Information in the same left column.

Activation is carried out for a period of 180 days, therefore, in order not to return to this question, in the left column at the very bottom of the AAct program, click on the gear icon. We put a tick “Create a task to activate Windows”, confirm the actions with the Accept button.


Activation with W10 Digital Activation

The W10 Digital Activation Program is the standard of activation, I’ll explain why. You can activate the system only with an active Internet connection, the activation code is verified by Microsoft, a digital license is used, and then you can install all updates.

This innovative activator was developed in 2018 and is not like KMS, windows 11 pro download the algorithm is completely different. And one more feature, after activation, the digital license is sewn in forever, even if you decide to reinstall the system in the future, the key will automatically tighten and Windows 11 is activated, the main thing is to install the same version of Windows.

For the W10 Digital Activation utility, it does not matter: The structure of the hard disk MBR or GPT; Legacy or UEFI; Windows 11 version: Home, Home single language, Professional (PRO), Corporate, and Educational. There are two activation methods in the utility – HWID and KMS38.

HWID. And now more about how to Windows 11 activation key for free and forever – all with one click. Launch the W10 Digital Activation program, click the Activate Windows 11 button, and wait for the notification of successful activation.

KMS38. If you receive the message “Windows is in notification mode” or for some other situation Windows activation failed, then in the right drop-down list select KMS38 and click Activate Windows 11. A corporate key will be registered for a period of several decades.

If for some reason you need to remove the digital license, then run the W10 Digital Activation program again. In the interface, you have the Ream button, click on it, it will remove the embedded key from the computer, but Windows 11 will remain activated, a reboot will be required, which will be reported by the activator.

The activation status can be checked in the following way, right-click on the “Computer” icon on the desktop, select “Properties”, in the window that opens, at the very bottom, pay attention to the line “Windows activation”. Starting with Windows 11 version 20H2 (2009) , there is no System page. The activation status can be viewed in the parameters, for this click Start – Settings (gear) – Update and Security – Activation.

This method allows you to learn more about activation, for example, as indicated in the screenshot above: “Windows is activated with a digital license”.

Well, that’s all, I believe that all the technical aspects of activating Windows 11 have been disclosed. And using the instructions below, you can verify the authenticity of the Microsoft Windows 11 / 8.1 / 8 license.


Windows 11 Authentication

The Windows 7 operating system has a built-in function for checking the entered license, that is, key verification. Unfortunately, starting with Windows 8, this function was removed, but we introduced another option for checking the activation key, then we will consider it. To authenticate Windows 11 / 8.1 / 8, you need to run Command Prompt or PowerShell. Enter the command slmgr -ato and press Enter. Wait for the message window to appear. If the key is genuine, then you will receive a notification about the successful activation of Windows, as in the picture below.

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