Super Tools for an SEO Specialist 2020

Best SEO tools

1.Google webmaster tools – The irreplaceable assistant of each optimizer. In Google Webmaster Tools, you have tricks for successful website promotion:

acceleration of indexing of a new site or site pages;

Checking the site for potential problems discovered by Google;

Analysis of search traffic data to understand how users find your site

recommendations for website optimization;

analysis of site performance, checking download speed from the point of view of Google;

browsing through Google’s eyes;

detection of duplicate pages within the site;

prohibition of indexing unwanted pages;

Removing unwanted pages from the Goolge index

View external links linking to your site;

and much more.

  1. Ahrefs — Commercial product for analysis of external website optimization. After registration, some of its functions are available for free. Key features:

search for backlink sources;

viewing and export of the anchor list;

search site pages that are most often referred to;

analysis of links to subdomains;

Search for the most frequently referenced domains

Recent backlinks found

Frequently referenced countries and domain zones:

and etc.

Best SEO tools

3. Xenu

A great helper for every optimizer. The program allows you to scan the site in real time and shows the following data:

Page URLs

URL status (200, 404, 301, etc.);

URL types (html, jpg, xml, etc.);

page size in kb;



level of nesting;

and etc.

Proper sorting by different indicators allows you to identify many problems and shortcomings in website optimization: duplicate pages, not unique Title and Description, “broken” links, external desirable and unwanted links, etc. The program can generate a convenient report that can be passed to programmers to fix problems.

4. Majestic SEO

A service with a large database of sites for analyzing competitors and studying link masses. A useful opportunity is to view the history of the increase in link mass for a sufficiently large period. Also available is the downloading of link anchors, donor pages, and much more.

  1. Linkpad   (formerly SOLOMONO) – Free tool for analyzing link mass sites. It has a good database of sites. Provides summary information, both on donor sites and on acceptor sites:

number of pages in the service index;

the presence of mirrors on the site, their number and addresses;

the number of sites located on the same ip-address (reliably enough allows you to calculate the owner of several sites);

the number, addresses of donor sites, divided into four groups depending on the level of the page from which the donor site links, as well as with the indication of anchors;

the number, addresses of acceptor sites, also divided into four groups, depending on the page from which the link is placed, with the indication of anchors;

Summary list of inbound link anchors

Outgoing link anchor list

iGood Donors;

site visibility.

  1. — Pingdom is a service for monitoring the stability of your site, downtime and the performance of the server on which the site is hosted. Informs when the site is inoperative. It has a very convenient and pleasant interface. Allows you to add one site to the system for free.
  2. CS Yazzle — The program for website promotion CS Yazzle is designed to facilitate the work of SEO-specialists in analyzing (accounting) the link mass for a single promoted project or request, for the initial analysis of the text component of the pages, as well as for assessing the competitiveness of requests.

analysis of competitors and assessment of their budgets;

quick analysis of sites from the top ten for a variety of parameters;

selection of keywords and phrases to promote your site;

determination of the most suitable for promoting pages on the site;

the ability to collect search tips in Google and Yandex;

determining the position of the site for a given list of requests;

building a site map;

checking links for a number of parameters with uploading from SAPE, Linkfeed, SetLinks, MainLink;

analysis of internal and external links on the page (taking into account nofollow and noindex);

Estimation of predicted attendance according to the list of requests;

getting a list of indexed pages for a given site;

Checking the gluing of pages in the Google search engine;

collection of data on Google PR for various data centers;

forecasting future Google PR values;

getting a list of sites at a given IP address;

and etc.


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