Rather than a significant update to WINDOWS 11 , Microsoft plans to deliver another working framework Windows 11 on June 24 – this isn’t brand new information to anybody. Besides, the organization as of now has a great deal of assets where you can download the ISO picture of the new framework to introduce it on your PC and assess every one of the new highlights of the new OS.


Notwithstanding, in the event that you are as yet hesitant to introduce the picture downloaded from the Chinese gathering, however need to perceive what Windows 11 resembles in the entirety of its wonder, then, at that point make yourself agreeable – there are a lot of developments.

New Start

The main advancement of the new working framework should be another “Start”, however in actuality it was simply marginally redrawn. By tapping on the recognizable symbol, the client accesses a window with a rundown of stuck applications and suggestions. Note that you can look through the rundown of introduced applications, it is feasible to open the full rundown of projects one after another in order (standard on Windows 10).

Likewise, straightforwardly from the rundown of utilizations, the product can be taken out, unfastened or designed (the setup work isn’t accessible for all applications). In the rundown of proposals, it shows as of late introduced programs, saved reports and different components valuable to the client.

Likewise, when you right-click on “Start”, a drop-down menu shows up with numerous capacities that were recently stowed away in the framework settings. It is presently a lot simpler to get to the vital framework utilities, go to organize settings and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


New search

About a month prior, bits of gossip showed up on the organization that in the new form of the OS, designers from Microsoft chose to adjust the pursuit structure so it would work not just locally on the framework. What’s more, in Windows 11 this was executed – by entering a question, the client can look for a catchphrase or expression not in all records, but rather in applications, reports, or even on the Internet.

Besides, there is a more tab, which permits significantly more choices for looking – you can look for the ideal word or expression in email, among envelopes, music, recordings, etc. A very convenient element for dynamic clients who need to rapidly track down the substance they need.


Work tables

Presently there is another symbol on the taskbar that is answerable for rapidly dispatching the work area board – there are no advancements in the actual framework, yet the interface has gotten more alluring.



 As of late, a board with gadgets showed up in the steady form of Windows 10 – you can see the climate in your locale, read news, evaluate gridlock on the streets and that’s just the beginning. There is a comparative board in Windows 11 – it has the very same arrangement of capacities. Yet, tragically, it is dispatched all other times, declining to show content (by the by, the get together for designers is loaded with bugs, this is typical).


Grouping windows

Working with windows in Windows 11 is carried out far and away superior to Windows 10 – presently it is considerably more advantageous to bunch application windows or organizers on at least one screens. For instance, you can drag a window to various sides of the screen, and the framework will obscure out how this window will take care of collection. In Windows 10, this was likewise the situation, yet the execution looks less agreeable and reasonable.

Also, in Windows 11 there is another advantageous capacity – by right-tapping on the “Windows” button in the upper right part (to one side of the cross), the client will see every one of the accessible alternatives for gathering the application window or envelope. It is sufficient just to tap on the ideal alternative for the window to promptly adjust to the client’s necessities.


Updated interface

Based on the recent fad of the Windows 11 interface, the architects at Microsoft were not given opportunity of activity – totally every one of the menus, fastens and switches are in their places, so you will not need to become accustomed to when changing from Windows 10 to another OS. Yet, the actual interface has gotten more charming – the edges of the windows have been adjusted, the drop-down menus have been refreshed and settled (there is even a shadow, as in macOS), there are more choices for altering the interface.

Voyager was likewise refreshed, however just corrective – supplanted the symbols, a few catches and the plan of the normal window. In any case, every one of the components natural to the client remain where they were. This is presumably done to cause the client to feel good when changing to another framework.


General impression

Windows 11 doesn’t feel like an altogether new framework – rather, it’s a significant fix for Windows 10 with a dull subject, a more current interface that looks a great deal like something in the middle of Ubuntu and macOS, and a little pack of enhancements to make it work quicker and all the more productively. Maybe when Windows 11 will delivery, and this will occur in seven days, the designers will deliver fixes and add new fascinating highlights, yet so far there is no reason for hurrying to introduce another OS – it won’t give whatever is unmistakably not in Windows 10.

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